About the farm and who we are

The farm is located in gently rolling countryside near the town of Savonlinna. We are a dairy farm with crop husbandry, forestry, and tourism. There are 3-5 people working on the farm depending on the season.

The soil in the fields is silt or fine sand moraine, and most of the fields have subsurface drainage. We grow hay, oats, barley, wheat, and oilseed rape. Most part of the crops goes to feed our own cattle. Oilseed rape is sold to a press where oil is extracted from the seeds. We also sell grain for cattle feed to the neighboring farms. Hay goes to silage or is dried. Field work is done by our own people and machinery.

Our forests are managed according to a special plan. Planting new trees, clearing young woods and cutting trees for energy use are done by our own work force. Thinning and felling for sale are done by forestry companies.

In the cow house our cows can freely move about all year round. The cows are milked at the milking station twice a day. Feeding is done by a feed car also twice a day. Milk is sold to a co-operative association of dairy farmers, and made into well-known Valio products. Beef is sold to A-producers and from there to the Atria group.